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Credit Roundtable: What Comes Next for Corporate Credit?

In this panel discussion, Senior Vice President – Investment Specialist Katie Klingensmith talks with Portfolio Manager Bill Zox and Associate Portfolio Manager & Senior Research Analyst Andrew Bogle about the outlook for corporate credit:

  • While both investment grade and high yield defaults have remained mild, are these numbers expected to stay low?
  • Do liquidity walls pose a danger to credit markets?
  • What catalysts could drive a material change in the outlook for high yield and credit markets overall?

Despite the recent pressure on equities, U.S. high yield has remained resilient, helped by a sizable equity cushion. We contend that it would take a material move lower in equities to put pressure on credit spreads. Until then, with the yields being offered in high yield, we continue to think an allocation is warranted.

Press play below to listen to the full commentary.

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