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Global Fixed Income Introduction Video

Global Fixed Income

David Hoffman, Steve Smith and Jack McIntyre lead the Global Fixed Income team, managing an extensive suite of active, value-based global bond strategies. The team's investment strategies broadly seek attractive long-term total returns by targeting elevated real yields globally and limiting investment to only the few countries and currencies the team expects to outperform given their macroeconomic outlook.
Global Credit Introduction Video

Global Credit

Gary Herbert, Brian Kloss and Tracy Chen lead the Global Credit team, managing a select group of global credit strategies. The team's credit strategies seek to deliver excess returns by identifying undervalued credit investments across the global spectrum of countries, currencies, and quality ratings. Macroeconomic, sector, and security-level analysis are all important drivers in determining value in corporate and structured credit investments.
Fundamental Equity Introduction Video

Fundamental Equity

The Fundamental Equity team, led by Patrick Kaser, manages value-oriented strategies across the full range of market capitalizations, with a focus on bottom-up analysis to identify companies with overlooked or improving fundamental strength, typically those with industry-leading characteristics as well.
Diversified Value Equity Introduction Video

Diversified Value Equity

Henry Otto and Steve Tonkovich co-lead the Diversified Value Equity team whose members average more than 15 years' experience. Brandywine Global's Diversified Value Equity team manages process-driven strategies designed to optimize risk-adjusted returns and offer drawdown protection.