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Founded in 1986, Brandywine Global Investment Management offers a broad array of fixed income, equity, alternatives, and asset allocation strategies that seek value across global markets.

As of 3/31/2017, Brandywine Global manages $69 billion in assets. The firm is a wholly owned, independently operated subsidiary of Legg Mason, Inc. (NYSE: LM), and is headquartered in Philadelphia with office locations in San Francisco, Montreal1, Toronto1, Singapore2, and London3.

Mission Statement

Brandywine Global's mission is to deliver superior investment solutions and performance for our clients. To attain this mission, we listen to our clients; aim to hire, support, and retain the industry's best people; encourage independent thinking by sponsoring an open marketplace for ideas; promote a culture of integrity and partnership; and find value throughout the world that others have not yet recognized.

$69 Billion Assets Under Management

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*Does not include $1,105M in assets for which Brandywine Global provides non-discretionary investment management services. Non-discretionary assets are reported on a one month lag.

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Assets Under Management
$69 Billion
Since 1986, Brandywine Global Investment Management has emphasized personal relationships and an intelligent, committed approach to value investing. Our people are chosen for their thoughtful, intellectually rigorous methods, their strategic outlook, and their devotion to excellence. Our mission to seek value not yet recognized by others is the core principle behind our work and is reflected in our culture, strategy, and day-to-day decision-making process. Our firm's makeup—a focused boutique supported by one of the world's largest money managers—helps us to create a powerful array of investment products in a collegial, creative setting.


Brandywine Global incorporated in 1986 as Brandywine Asset Management, LLC. After building a track record with large- and small-cap domestic value strategies, the firm sought to increase the depth and breadth of our products to meet the needs of our clients. To achieve this, the firm began offering fixed income and balanced strategies in 1992.

In January 1998, Legg Mason, Inc., a New York Stock Exchange-listed company, which has been providing investment services to institutions and individuals since 1899, acquired Brandywine Asset Management. Operating as a wholly owned but independently operated subsidiary of Legg Mason, Brandywine Global continues to retain complete investment autonomy and full control over all management, strategic, and employment decisions.

Since the late 1990s, the firm has grown significantly, building its assets from about $6 billion to the current level of $69 billion (as of 3/31/2017). In 2003, Brandywine Global Investment Management (Asia) Pte. Ltd., was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC, and provides a full range of investment advisory and fund management services to institutional clients in Singapore. In May 2006, our firm relocated its headquarters from Wilmington, DE, to the Cira Centre in Philadelphia and changed our name to Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC. In 2007, the firm established Brandywine Global Investment Management (Europe) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Legg Mason, Inc. (NYSE: LM), that is controlled and operated by Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC.


Since its founding, Brandywine Global has pursued one investment approach: value investing. Through in-depth research studies and practical experience, our founding partners determined that value-style investing—whether in equity or fixed income markets, domestically or internationally—may provide excellent risk-adjusted returns over full investment cycles.

Our dedication to this approach earned us a reputation as pioneers in the field of value investing. Today, our teams of investment professionals take great pride in this designation and continue to carry on the vision of our founding partners. Even as we embrace this belief, however, we understand that the world is not a static place. Only by being creative and diligent can we continue to strive to identify and capture value across all industries, markets, and time periods with an aim to deliver excellent risk-adjusted, long-term performance.

Philosophy on Client Service At Brandywine Global, we are deeply committed to understanding our clients' needs and vigorously strive to exceed their expectations. We are keenly aware of the importance of client satisfaction to the success of the firm, and as such, we work tirelessly to develop long-term relationships with our clients. We aim to earn our clients’ trust and confidence through an unyielding and persistent commitment to service and performance; we provide them with a dependable and consistent experience by employing intelligent, honest, and sincere professionals who prosper and benefit from our corporate culture.