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Value in Every Relationship

We believe in the power of value investing. Acting with conviction and discipline, we look beyond short-term, conventional thinking to rigorously pursue long-term value for our clients. Where others see risk, we see potential.

Since 1986, our global experience has provided clients with investment insights and a range of differentiated fixed income, equity, and alternative solutions. We thrive in a culture of debate that encourages ideas, respects diverse viewpoints, and invites candid discussion. By challenging one another and conventional thinking, we make better investment decisions and create value for our clients.

Brandywine Global, as a Specialist Investment Manager of Franklin Resources, Inc., offers the advantages of an investment boutique backed by the resources and infrastructure of one of the world's leading asset managers. With headquarters in Philadelphia and offices in London1, Singapore2, Toronto3, and Montreal3, we are committed to bringing value to all our relationships.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver superior outcomes for our clients by encouraging independent thinking and challenging one another in a culture of integrity and mutual respect.

Assets Under Management4

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*Does not include $2,002M in assets for which Brandywine Global provides non-discretionary investment management services. Non-discretionary assets are reported on a one month lag.

Assets Under Management4
$64 Billion

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Brandywine Global incorporated in 1986 as Brandywine Asset Management, LLC. After building a track record with large- and small-cap domestic value strategies, we sought to increase the depth and breadth of our products to meet the needs of our clients. In 1992, we introduced our first global fixed income strategies.

In January 1998, Brandywine Global became a wholly owned but independently operated subsidiary of Legg Mason, Inc. In July 2020, Legg Mason, Inc. was acquired by Franklin Resources, Inc. As a Specialist Investment Manager of Franklin Resources, Inc., Brandywine Global continues to retain complete investment autonomy and full control over all management, strategic, and employment decisions with the backing of and ability to leverage the scale and resources of a global leader in asset management.

Since the late 1990s, the firm has grown significantly, both in assets under management and global breadth. In 2003, Brandywine Global Investment Management (Asia) Pte. Ltd., was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC, providing a full range of investment advisory and fund management services to institutional clients in Singapore. In May 2006, our firm relocated its headquarters from Wilmington, DE, to Philadelphia and changed our name to Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC. In 2007, the firm established Brandywine Global Investment Management (Europe) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Resources, Inc. (NYSE: BEN) controlled and operated by Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take many measures to advance our sustainability with a focus on our culture, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, employee development, community engagement, and environmental resourcefulness. Please see our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement for additional details.